We want Poland acting in solidarity to solve climate change issue

We expect from Polish delegates representing us during EU summit on 23-24 October that they will take into account widely understood interest of the international community and not just short term political goals.

We’ve had enough of claiming, that Poland is a poor country, that it can’t afford to help others or act in the name of countries that need support in field of climate change. We’re tired of hearing that Poland can’t afford taking care of our common future. We want no more playing of Poland’s trump card “We’re a developing country” or “We’ve already done enough to limit our emissions. Other EU countries – follow suit” – the cut in emissions happened as a result of crisis during transformation in ‘80s – ‘90s, we didn’t plan that, it happened by accident.

It’s time to take responsibility for our common future.

It’s high time our government understood that climate negotiations are not about – as our vice minister Piechocinski put it – “romantic goals”. It’s about real threats that Poland will have to face in the future and real challenges that people of Philippines, Bangladesh, Pacific Islands or California are already facing. We demand from people whose task is to represent people’s voice that they will act in solidarity with countries that are experiencing negative effects of climate change.

We can and should – as a sovereign state and UN member state – take care of common interest of humankind. We’ve already pledged to do that in Copenhagen in 2009. We agreed then – along with the vast majority of international community – that we will not make 2 degrees global temperature rise happen, as it would induce unstoppable and unpredictable climate catastrophe. To meet this declaration we need to actively limit our GHG emissions now and work on such means of development that will not be dependent on burning fossil fuels but will allow us to leave this reserves untouched in the ground.

We’re alarmed to see that our government is not drawing a roadmap to face coal deadlock, to give us a chance for sustainable development, innovative economy, creating new job opportunities and ensure Poland’s independence from importing fossil fuels. It’s a sign of a lack of consistent, perennial strategy that will build Poland’s energy security in the coming years. What we observe now is our government wearing political blinders and clinging to harmful coal energy. All that happening while most of Poles claim they want their country to be supportive for renewable energy and not coal energy*.

We demand from our current administration that it acts in perspective of at least 30-50 years ahead and not – as we’ve witnessed it so far – just to draw immediate benefits. Even more so because mining our “Polish coal” will soon cease to be viable.

We wonder whose interests underlie the current government’s actions. Is it society’s or state owned energy industry companies’? We hope for renewable-based energy independence in Poland that will make the ambitious CO2 reduction targets within our reach.

Implementation of climate package goals is in the interest of us all. We demand that Polish policy makers thoroughly study the science of climate change so that they are fit to make informed decisions as representatives of Poles and, thus, more likely to ensure safe future for next generations.

Members of Polish Youth Climate Network


* – CBOS research (2013) http://www.greenpeace.org/poland/pl/wydarzenia/polska/89-Polakow-chce-zielonej-energii-i-nie-zgadza-si-na-strategi-rzdu/ and Global Challenges Foundation research (2014) http://globalchallenges.org/wp-content/uploads/Overview.pdf


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