Warsztat w Krzyżowej – gry symulacyjne w edukacji na rzecz zrównoważonego rozwoju


Future Game Krzyżowa

Simulation Game — Development Workshop

Experience the importance of simulation games in Education for sustainable development! Get trained in the method simulation game by an expert! Develop a complete simulation game in a small group of professionals! Qualify for the realization of the game in subsequent projects!


/Why simulation games?/

This method of experiential learning enables the participants to assume the role of various political and social actors, and therefore to better understand decision making processes through active experience.

/The Workshop/

The training will take part from October 6^th to 12^th 2013 in Krzyz.owa, Poland, and will be conducted by an simulation game expert of CRISP e.V. After some theoretical input, we will get to practice: Together, we will develop two new simulation games within the context of sustainable development. Also, while participating in the workshop, you will be qualified to conduct the developed game in subsequent projects.

The participation, accommodation and food is for free! Travel costs will be reimbursed!


You don’t need to have any experience in the simulation game method. Quite the contrary: The workshop is addressed to trainers from the field of international Youth Work or education for sustainable development who are interested in learning a new method.

You should have some practical experience in one of these fields and speak either English or German. Applications from Trainers with Polish nationality are especially welcome!

/General information/

Registration deadline: 30^th of September

Formalities: Short covering email with motivation and experience, CV attached

Date:06^th — 12^th of October 2013

Place:Krzyz.owa / Poland

Participation fee: Free

Accomodation and food:Free

Travel cost reimbursement:100 % (150,00 ¬ maximum)

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or toreceive more information by mail or telephone:


Arne Zindel


+49 30 5383 6363


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