Projekt środowiskowy w Gujanie Francuskiej

Pniżej zaproszenie od włoskiej organizoacji IcoFor:

Dear European citizens,

Our training centre Icofor organizing Grundtvig in-service training courses which might be interesting for you. All training courses will take place from October 2013 to July 2014 in Matoury, French Guiana. We would like to invite you in our forthcoming projects in which you can obtain the 100% of your participation costs, from your Lifelong Learning programme National Agency.

The training course is certified and approved by our National Agency in France and it is the following: „ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION ON AMAZONIA IN FRENCH GUIANA” (OST) Training Reference No: FR-2013-432-012. For more details about the each training course (full description, daily program, activities) please read the attached files and visit the following website: and search by the reference number (only): FR-2013-432-012 (for formal education meets non-formal learning). All costs (accommodation, meals, tuition fees and travel expenses) will be fully covered for the in-service training you are interested in by Lifelong Learning Programme (Grundtvig In-service training).

The deadline to apply for one of these in-service trainings to your national agency is the 17th of September 2013.

There are three simple steps that you have to follow in order to apply and get 100% fund for your expenses.


Please download the application form from the website of your own National Agency. (If you have trouble in finding this application we will send you the appropriate link). Once it’s done read it carefully and don’t forget that each applicant will need to fill in their own application separately. Here are a list of the National Agencies to which you can apply according to your country of residence/nationality: ( You will have to APPLY ONLINE with the application and then you will have to send a HARD COPY to your national agency by the 17th September 2013

In the Hard Copy Your National agency will ask you to send to them :

1- Application form duly filled and signed (downloaded from the National Agencies website)

2- Your letter of intent or acceptance (that we’d send to you once you request it from us)

3- Description of course you want to do; chose between; You need to do a simulation for your travel on You need to ask your National agency to allow you this amount based on this European directive.

Please note: If individuals reside or go in one of the overseas countries and territories listed in the Decision 2001/822/EC of the Council or have one of these territories as destination, real incurred travel costs shall be reimbursed in total, independent of the duration of the mobility activity. Requested funding should be based on estimated costs. We propose a transfert from Cayenne airport to the place for accomodation \. If you want to find the accomodation on place by yourself, we’ll send you the link but IcoFor propose an accomodation + meals.

4- Photocopy / scan of your ID

5. Your CV (preferably a Europass)

6. A Financial Identification Form

7. If you state that you are employed you will need the details of your employer or home institution (Details of the Company or Organisation you work with and / or signature of the head of your institution).

We will obviously help you to complete this part of the application if you need. Should you be interested in applying, kindly make sure to do so at your National Agency before the 17th September 2013. You need to use the application form of YOUR own National agency. Please remember to apply for Adult education, not for Comenius. Looking forward to seeing you in French Guiana.

More info available HERE.


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